prevent fire


Prevent Fire has the resources, products, and knowledge to meet the fire prevention needs of any Southeast or Magic Valley Idaho business. Call us for your fire prevention needs and allow us to help you choose, install, and maintain the products you need in your home or business, including fire extinguishers, fire suppression, exit lighting and more.


The team at Prevent Fire have helped keep out fleet of vehicles charged and recharged with fire extinguishers year after year. <strong>We have used them and without fail, their extinguishers provide quality fire knockdown power.</strong> They provide professional service that we have learned we can count on even in short notice circumstances. Thank you Prevent Fire! <div class="ratingimg"> <img src="">Steve Y </div>
<p>These guys are awesome! <strong>They are very thorough and professional in all they do.</strong> I really appreciate Prevent Fire always showing up when they say they will. Give them a try and you will be impressed!</p><div class="ratingimg"><img src="" />Lisa pratt</div>
<p><strong>Prevent Fire is the go to for fire prevention in Southeast Idaho.</strong> They provide great service and have a great staff. I highly recommend!</p><div class="ratingimg"><img src="" />BRyan Nield</div>
Prevent Fire is great to work with. We have 53 offices throughout the state of Idaho and they have helped consolidate the billing.<strong> Jordan and Cody do a great job.</strong> <div class="ratingimg"><img src="" />Lance Smith</div>
We had some issues getting another company out, and Prevent Fire was right on top of it when we called.<strong> Smooth and easy process.</strong> We refer to them often. <div class="ratingimg"><img src="" />Lauren Egbert</div>
Great price and better service. <strong>We had an issue that needed immediate response and they got right up and helped us out.</strong> I highly recommend them for your home and business fire related services. <div class="ratingimg"><img src="" />Jared Hobbs</div>