prevent fire


You may have emergency exit lighting in all the right places, but that does little good in an emergency if those lights haven’t been properly maintained. Prevent Fire will ensure that your emergency and exit lights are properly placed and functioning correctly. We start by surveying your facility to determine the age and placement of lights and then test each light for functionality. The technician executes a quick check to test operation and then an operational test that reveals whether your lights are in order to provide 90 minutes of illumination during a power failure.

In short, you get our assurance that your facility is up to code and your employees and customers are safe. We are ready with whatever updates you might need from batteries and bulbs to LED conversion kits or new lights. Talk to us today to work emergency and exit lighting testing into your fire protection package.


Even if you have emergency lighting in all the right places, that does little good in an emergency if they have not been properly maintained.